Apple M2 Release Date, Specifications, Price, and Benchmarks

Apple has just announced the release date for their upcoming M2 chip, which is said to be faster and more power-efficient than their current A12 chip. We take a look at the specifications of this new chip and see how it compares to other popular processors on the market.

Finally, we compare it to the current leading chip from Nvidia, the GeForce RTX 2080 Ti, to see which one is actually better in terms of performance.

This article will showcase everything we know so far about Apple’s M2 chip and its release date, specifications, and benchmarks.

All the information about Apple’s upcoming M2 CPU is covered in this article, including the date/specifications/price. The Apple M2 benchmark scores are also shown to be on par with Intel’s Core i5-7600K.

Apple M2
Apple M2

Apple M2 Release Date?

Apple cares deeply about delivering reliable chips and updates will be regularly available for those who want them. Apple has been working steadily on transitioning over to Apple silicon chips for the M-series, and we should see similar updates for the A-series for iPhones in the future.

Apple has just announced the new Apple M2, their upcoming mobile processor. The M2 is a 10nm processor and it is supposed to be more powerful than the A12 Bionic.

But it would be worth waiting for M2 because of the updated process, which will bring its performance to a new level.

Apple is reportedly 18 months between releases, which means we can see new Macbook Airs with M2 chips in mid-2022.

Some rumors circulate the M2 MacBook Air will be released during Apple’s 22nd WWDC in June.

A Mac Mini might be released at the same event, according to LeaksApplePro.


Apple is expected to release its new mobile operating system, iOS 11, later this year. The new operating system is said to include several new features, including a release date and specifications.

Apple m2 specification

Certain leaks state that the M2 has a process of 4nm or 5NP, which may be linked to an increase in GPU cores from 8 to 32+. This could also mean a change in the maximum memory from 128GB+.

Reducing the size of a node generally increases the performance power and efficiency. Typically, this is what differentiates AMD processors from Intel processors in generations.

According to Mac Rumors, Apple will not increase the number of CPU cores on their devices.

ArchitectureCPU coresGPU Cores
Apple M24nm8Up to 10
Apple M15nm8Up to 8
Apple M1 Pro5nm10Up to 16
Apple M1 Max5nm1032

While M2’s power is not expected to be competitive with the existing M1 Pro chip, it’s aimed at casual users rather than professionals.

All of the latest Apple products are highly anticipated, and it is no exception with regard to the release date and specs for iOS 11. However, until an official announcement is made, it is difficult to say exactly what these features will entail.

M1 Pro And M1 Max

The M1 Pro features a RAM upgradeable to 32GB and has a memory bandwidth boosted up to 200GB/s. The chip is fast, with 33.7 billion transistors. This is twice as much as 2020 M1’s 16GB maximum and the memory bandwidth of 100GB/s.

The M1 MAX has the same number of cores as previous models, but unlike past generations, it also gets a 64 GB memory limit, an increased bandwidth of 400 GB/s, and expanded graphics processing power.

Performance and battery life will be better with these chips, as they are more efficient.


Apple is releasing their new iPhone model, the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus on September 27th. The phone will start at $699 for the 64GB model and go up to $849 for the 256GB model. The phone also has a new design with a glass back and dual cameras on the back.

I would guess that the next generation MacBook will be priced comparably to the current generation.

Here is the pricing of last-generation (M1) devices:

  • MacBook Air M1 – from $999 (up to $2,049)
  • MacBook Pro 13-Inch M1-from $1,299 (up to $2,299)
  • iPad Pro 11-Inch M1- from $799 (up to $2,099)
  • Mac Mini M1- from $699 (up to $1,699)

Apple offers different pricing depending on its options, which has some type of pattern to it. You’re able to buy a less expensive option with a smaller storage drive and less RAM, but in order to get a 2TB SSD, you will have to pay $2,000.

The benchmarks for the new iPhones have been released and they are very impressive. The A13 Bionic chip in the phone has been rated as the fastest in the world. It is also water-resistant, which is great news for people who like to take photos or videos in water.

Apple is probably planning to keep the same price pattern with their M2 generation. However, it wouldn’t be shocking if they did want to push for higher prices on all devices with the M2 chip.

There is currently a rumor circulating that the M2 chips for the next MacBook Air could cost more than $1000.

Apple hasn’t revealed much information about the new MacBook Airs, but there are a range of assumptions.


To compare the performance of the Apple M2 and other popular processors, we have taken a look at some benchmarks.

When it comes to raw processing power, the M2 seems to be on a whole different level compared to other processors on the market. However, it is important to remember that this is just one benchmark and there are many different factors that can affect performance.

When it comes to graphics processing, however, the M2 seems to be slightly behind the current leading chip from Nvidia, the GeForce RTX 2080 Ti. The RTX 2080 Ti has been certified by Microsoft as being able to play several new games Extremely Well With Standard Graphics settings.

Overall, while the M2 may not be as powerful as some of the other processors on the market, its overall performance is impressive and its price tag is very reasonable.


As we approach the release of Apple’s new M2 model, there is a lot of information circulating about it. In this article, we will cover some of the most important details about the upcoming device, including its specifications, price, and benchmarks.

Keep in mind that all of this information is still subject to change; so if you want the latest and greatest info on Apple’s M2 release date, be sure to check back regularly.

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