Best Ethernet Cable for Gaming (Ultimate Guide) 2021

If you don’t have a good router, we’ve selected the best ethernet gaming cables for you! As an avid gamer, we will reveal everything you want to know about Ethernet Cables and which ones will suit your needs the best. In this article, we’ll examine Cat5e, Cat6 and Cat7 Ethernet Cables. In addition, we’ll show you how to choose the right Ethernet cable based on your specific needs.

It may interest you anyway, even if you aren’t a gamer. You need to know which Ethernet cable is best for your application since Ethernet cables are used in so many different fields.

In the market, there are many cables available. Several months of testing and research enabled us to rank the Best Ethernet Cables for Gamers and Streamers according to speed, frequency, and price.

Best Ethernet Cable for Gaming

Smolink Cat-8 Ethernet Cable is first on the list of the best networking cables for gaming. Gaming can be done with this flat cable, one of the very best you will find.

The high-speed transmission rate and frequency of the cable are due to its CAT-8 characteristics. We also recommend the Jadaol Cat-6 ethernet cable, next on our list, as they are both great for home networks.

In spite of the fact that the Smolink cable has different categories, if your router supports it, it can give you a high-speed internet connection.

Smolink Ethernet cables provide high-speed connectivity and high-performance. 

With a 40 gigabit per second transfer rate, all of your data needs can be handled quickly and without having to worry about an internet connection dropping off as you are working! Also, it has 100% oxygen-free copper for optimum performance, and it has sheltered twisted pair to ensure fast internet connection.


  • 100% oxygen-free copper
  • WeatherProof
  • UV Protected
  • Best Performance
  • CAT-8 Flat Cable


  • none


In this article, we’ll show you how you can make your gaming setup or office setup seem more professional. This is something you have to check out if you have ever struggled with wire knots and tangles.

They’re also strong and flexible so they can easily go around corners without getting in the way like those pesky round ones.

You also don’t have to worry about them showing through carpet because they’re thin enough that it won’t be an issue which makes installation incredibly easy.

The gold plating on these RJ45 connectors ensures that the data will not get lost. You’ll soon find that your cables are equipped with the latest technology thanks to these features and a protective jacket for added durability!

Furthermore, the cable is made with flat and gold-plated connectors. A weatherproof PVC outer jacket provides long service life to the Smolink ethernet cable, which can withstand both outside as well as indoor environments.


As a result of studying various reviews and buyer experiences, we found out that this Smolink ethernet cable is extremely popular with buyers. The cable provides low latency connection from your router to your gaming rig, so you will not experience lags when playing.


There is no other cable that offers data transfer performance at the level of this cable. There are cables ranging from 3 feet up to 100 feet, so there is something for everyone!

In addition to offering both CAT6 and CAT5 capabilities, it also accommodates the earliest ethernet versions! 

If you have pets or small children pulling on the cables a lot, then the weatherproof exterior of this cable will ensure that it lasts longer than other brands.

2. Jadaol CAT-6 White Flat Cable

For Ethernet cables, Jadaol is a great choice. A gaming network at home can be built with this wire, which can transfer data at a rate up to 10Gbps/s and has a max bandwidth of 250MHz. Both CAT-6 and CAT-7 ethernet cables offer superior performance, durability, and ultra fast speed.

It includes 15 clips packet among all these great features. The wire can be mounted on the wall with each clip, which eliminates the need to purchase additional clips.

You can use Jadaol for video streaming, or for any other heavy data transferring needs, such as playing games online.


With the flat cable design, it can be mounted on walls, tables or under carpets without anybody knowing. Other advantages of rounded cables include their indestructibility and ability to be moved from one room to another.

This Jadaol cable does not contain a mixture of copper and aluminum, which reduces the risk of corrosion. The copper wire also increases the cable’s durability.


  • Comes with Copper Wiring
  • Highly Durable
  • Gives Best Performances


  • No Elasticity
  • Keep Loose when wall-mounted, otherwise might break

In addition to the lifetime warranty, the customer support can be contacted at any moment, and your question can be answered within 24 hours or 48 hours (sometimes even sooner). You can also return the cable within 90 days if you don’t like it.



We discovered that this Ethernet cable comes with excellent writing capabilities, durability, and transfer rates after analyzing reviews from buyers. Nevertheless, some of the pieces broke after a few months. The tight mount on your wall might be responsible for this.

Make sure the wire doesn’t get damaged if you’re installing it with clips on a wall. Our list of the best ethernet cables for gaming features this cable because of its 30,000 positive reviews on Amazon.


This Cat 6 cable works very well for gaming and streaming because it is an Ethernet cable. Data can also be transferred over the networks with ethernet cables having 1Gbps transfer rates. The product can be used both for gaming and for home or office use, confirming its multipurpose nature.

3. Dacrown CAT-8 Ultra-Fast Rounded Cable

This one is best for people with fast internet connections. You get 2000MHz of bandwidth and a transfer rate of 40 Gbps with Dacrown’s CAT-8 Ethernet cable. With this HDMI cable you will be able to stream and play games without any issues. It is the most technologically advanced Ethernet cable in the world.

All categories support the Dacrown Ethernet cable. This product works excellently with PS3, PS4, Xbox, network adapters, switches, routers, DSL/Cable Modems, servers, TV, TV Box, computers, printers, networking switches, ADSL, patch panels and other high-performance networking products.

It’s highly durable and weatherproof due to high-quality shielding. If you have a fast internet connection, it is the best Ethernet cable for gaming.


  • CAT-8 Ethernet Cable
  • Can Transfer Up to 40Gbps/s


  • None Really


With this Ethernet Cable, you’ll have the latest technology to play with. Ethernet cables are always rated according to their categories, durability, and transfer rates. Due to its round shape, it comes with a protective shield to keep it water resistant.

It gives high-speed data transfer because copper and aluminum foil shielding are used in its design. It won’t be difficult to transfer data from one server to another.



Ethernet cables made of pure copper and shielded with high quality are highly praised by buyers. There are no complaints from gamers about this, as it helps them alleviate lag and ping problems. You won’t be able to face unfavorable internet speeds because it’s compatible with all gaming consoles. Over 4000 reviews have been left on Amazon for this ethernet cable, and there hasn’t been a single negative review. It is a cable that everyone loves


You can upgrade your gaming experience while retaining the highest quality, durability and transfer rates offered by the Dacrown Ultra-Fast Cat-8 Ethernet Cable. In spite of the round shape of this cable, the shielding makes it easy for it to pass easily through walls. For gamer hardcores looking for the best connection, then this cable is for you.

4. AmazonBasis CAT-6 Rounded Cable

The AmazonBasics line offers high-quality products to a wide audience, making it the world’s largest reseller program. Price competition, simplicity, and sustainability are just some of the benefits Amazon offers.

The simplicity of UTP technology makes CAT6 one of the most noise and interference-reduction-friendly cabling systems. Banks and construction companies most commonly use it.

If you don’t play too much gaming, you can also use this. Considering ergonomics, we appreciate the small, flexible protection tab, which prevents the connection end piece from being involuntarily activated.

As a result, the end piece remains in better condition for a longer period of time.


  • Cheapest Price
  • 100% Copper Wiring
  • Great Durability


  • Comes in Single Color 🙁


Its low price and high performance make it unique amongst other cables. It’s a Cat-6 cable that you can use for both office and home networks for gaming and everyday use. There are RJ45 connectors, which ensure uninterrupted connectivity with 250 MHz bandwidth.

This wire can transmit data at the speed of 1000 Mbps or 1 Gigabit per second, which is compatible with any modern device. Unlike the cable mentioned above, this one only comes in a single color scheme, usually black. It will be pretty challenging for you to identify the wires in multiple connections.



This cable’s buyers praise it for its excellent performance and low price, so there’s not much else we need in a cable. It has around 69,000 reviews on Amazon, the majority of which are positive, making it one of the best cables on the market. Cables like this one are known for their high quality, low price, and long-distance capability. 


Their Cat6 Ethernet cable offers great value at an affordable price, and that is also the case with Amazonbasics products. There is no better option for gamers at home, office workers, or anyone working in the construction industry.

5. Cable Matters CAT-6 Colored Rounded Cable

This multiport ethernet cable is a great option if you’re seeking a multi-port ethernet cable. With a maximum bandwidth of 250 MHz, it can provide transmission rates of up to 1000 Mbps. It offers exceptional internet speed with the highest specifications of its class.

With these cables being made of different colors, it is simple to install multiple connections and to identify which cables are for which connections. Cables of this type are few and far between, we have reviewed others before.


  • Six Colors
  • 100% Copper Wiring


  • None Really


Using this cable, you are able to easily identify which cables you have to connect or disconnect when using multiple connections due to its color scheme. Using 100% copper wires in the cable, games will not lag when they are playing online.

The users can choose from a variety of sizes and colors, enabling them to customize the product for their needs. Cat6 bandwidth is available for a low price, and this cable’s performance is similar to Cat5e.

With gold-plated contacts, this cable provides a connection that is always secure and resists corrosion.



There is no point in having a good cable if the buyer isn’t satisfied with it. Reviewing some customer reviews gave us insight into real users’ opinions about the cable. 85% of the Amazon reviews are positive for this cable, with at least 21000 reviews. In their opinion, the cable is best because it allows them to connect multiple devices at a time and it is difficult to distinguish the cable being used for which connection when the color codes are the same.


CAT-6 cables from Cable Matters are a great choice if you are looking for great performance but do not want to spend a lot of money on expensive cables. It works well for gaming and office work.

What is an Ethernet Cable?

Ethernet wires can be used in Local Area Networks as a wired connection. Both gaming consoles and PCs can be connected via Ethernet cable. A local area network’s internet router is connected to the other end of the cable.

Ethernet cables have a big effect on the speed of the internet, too long, or old cables may cause poor internet connection and packet loss.

Ethernet cables can operate in various ways and are designed to perform different types of functions. If you have a slow internet connection, it could be caused by your Ethernet cable as well

Wi-Fi or Ethernet: What’s Best for Gaming?

The advantages and disadvantages of both methods of connection are indisputable. To make the right choice, interference, latency, and bandwidth must be considered. Latency is almost nonexistent with Ethernet. Gamers should pay attention to this point: if your internet connection is of good quality at the source, you should not experience lag.

Furthermore, it is often more resistant to interference. This point is crucial in an age of electromagnetic and radio saturation: interference can interrupt your connection and decrease its quality. Some cables, such as Cat-7 and Cat-8, have shields or designs that are intended to prevent this type of problem, but nothing is set up to maintain the integrity of your Wi-Fi network. From this perspective, Ethernet cables often deliver better performance.

Categories of Ethernet Cables

As the internet is improved around the world the Ethernet Cables are also improved with higher transfer rates. So the makers differentiate the ethernet cables with categories and you can identify them by just looking at the cord!

CategoryShieldingMaximum FrequencyTransfer Rates (at 100m)
Cat 1No10kHz1Mbps
Cat 2No1Mhz4Mbps
Cat 3No16Mhz10Mbps
Cat 4No16Mhz10Mbps
Cat 5No100MHz100Mbps
Cat 5eNo100MHz1Gbps
Cat 6Sometimes250Mhz1Gbps
Cat 6aSometimes500MHz10Gbps
Cat 7Yes600Mhz10Gbps
Cat 8Yes2GHz (2,000MHz)40Gbps

Cat5e vs Cat6 vs Cat7: Which Category to Choose for Gaming?

They all look the same from a distance. You have to know their specifics, though, due to the fact that they are quite different. It is the oldest Ethernet cable still available on the market, and it is often less expensive than Cat5e cables.

There are two main shortcomings of their setup. The first is their 100MHz bandwidth, and the second is that they cannot connect to sources capable of 10Gb/s. Therefore, you can rarely get more than 100Mb/s.

With bandwidths of 250 and 600 MHz, Cat6 and Cat7 do much better. But still, Cat 6 can hurt your connection by electromagnetic waves interfering with your connection. The best internet connection can be obtained with Cat 7 cables!

The shielding of this cable gives you a low latency internet connection and you’ll get no lags! However, Cat 8 cables are the latest in the markets and can be a future-proof choice for you gaming setup.


Here we wrap up with the detailed guide for an Ethernet cable for gaming. We have also mentioned the 5 best ethernet cables for gaming which you can use with PC, Gaming Laptops as well as other gaming consoles.

There is also a detailed buying guide, where you can know which one to buy for yourself to the game without any issue. Always look for the bandwidth, speed, length, and durability of your cable.

In the end, we recommend using CAT-8 Cables for Gaming because they provide minimum latency and you can game and stream without any problem. This is a one-time investment and you will enjoy gaming for years. If you have any questions, feel free to ask them in the comments section.