10 Best RGB PC Cases 2021: For Gaming PC Builds

RGB PC Cases
RGB PC Cases

I think it would be a good idea to buy a new case. This case is about how your computer looks and will help you keep your computer the same size as before. You can also make sure that you have room for all of your equipment like better graphics, air-based CPU cooler, liquid cooling reservoir, and more space for other components.

One of the main reasons why people build computers is because it looks cool. Something that’s sleek and shiny lights up the whole room with all sorts of colors, but will also keep your computer safe from dust and other particles floating around in air.

At a Glance:

The size of the box we picked are from the smallest to the biggest. We have a design for entertainment. It is small and has colors that change when you use it. The other one is bigger and can be used for work like making movies or writing essays.

Let’s be honest, most cases are just plain black boxes, until you spend money on your computer, you are not going to make it look cool. I haven’t seen many people trying their best to make sure that their cases are looking good. The prime example is Apple computers where everything inside looks like it belongs there and makes the outside look clean. There are a couple of cases out there that can mimic this design, but those cases can be boring and plain. With that, let’s start out this article with some of the best-looking computer cases:

Our Recommendations For Best RGB PC Cases 2021

Overall Best RGB PC Case
Best PickCorsair iCUE 220T RGB Tempered Glass Mid
Check Price
Runner-Up Best RGB PC Case
Staff PickLian Li O11 Dynamic Tempered Glass Mid Tower
Check Price
Best Budget RGB PC Case
Budget PickThermaltake The Tower 900 Tempered Glass RGB
Check Price
Best High-End RGB Case
Antec Dapper Dark Phantom DP301M-
Check Price
Best RGB Micro ATX Case
Phanteks Enthoo Pro M Tempered Glass
Check Price
Worth Considering RGB Case
MUSETEX Phantom 907
Check Price
Best Premium Case for RGB Fans
darkFlash Phantom DR12
Check Price
Best RGB Mini-ITX Case
BitFenix ENSO Gaming RGB PC Case
Check Price
Best RGB Case Under 200$
InWin A1 Plus Case
Check Price
Best Professional PC Case
Corsair Obsidian Series 1000D
Check Price

Quick Shopping Tips

RGB Lighting: 

RGB fans and lighting strips come pre-installed on some chassis. RGB cases often include lightning controllers, but some rely on motherboard controllers. Depending on your preferences, RGB can be static or dynamic. Static means your color choices are limited while dynamic adds a little motion to the mix.


You probably know this by now, but make sure you keep in mind that when you spend more money, your computer is generally going to run better and last longer. As we mentioned before, Apple computers have a reputation of lasting a lot longer than your typical Windows computer.


Make sure the case you buy is compatible with your motherboard. A lot of cases come with extra parts to accommodate for custom water cooling. Make sure that whatever case you get has room for your motherboard, CPU cooler fan, graphics card, and power supply.

Motherboard Support: 

RGB PC cases come in a variety of forms, and they are compatible with a variety of motherboard sizes depending on their shape. Prior to purchasing a chassis, make sure it can fit your motherboard.

Chassis Design: 

Several different chassis designs exist; some feature high airflow, while others are liquid-cooled. Those who use glass show off all their hardware, while others are more subtle and keep things closed.

Corsair iCUE 220T RGB Tempered Glass Mid

Best Pick
Best RGB Mini-ITX Case
(Image credit: Amazon)
Case Dimensions395mm x 210mm x 450mm
Maximum GPU Length300mm
Maximum PSU Length180mm
Maximum CPU Cooler Height160mm
Case Expansion Slots7
Case Drive Bays(x2) 3.5in (x2) 2.5in
Case Form FactorMid-Tower
Case WindowedTempered Glass
iCUE enabledYes
Case MaterialSteel, Tempered Glass

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The Corsair iCUE 220T RGB Tempered Glass Mid-Tower Case is a shining example of everything that you want in your new PC case. Firstly, it’s tempered glass on all sides of the case to show off the components inside.

Secondly, the outward appearance looks like it came straight out of an Apple Store.

There are several patterns that you can choose from and the lighting creates a nice atmosphere or mood depending on what pattern you choose or whether you want it to do anything at all.

This case comes with two included fans, but there is room for six total fans in the case itself along with space for liquid cooling tubes if desired.

The Corsair 220T is a dream to build in, there is plenty of room to route cables through, plenty of cable tie points, and a good amount of room for SSD and HDDs.

The 3 included CORSAIR 120 Pro fans look great and provide great airflow and they alone are worth half of the value of the case.

The steel front panel looks great and is solid.

I can’t fault this case, it’s been great so far and a really great experience to build in.

Lastly, there is a fan controller in the back of the case and can be controlled via software if you’re using Corsair iCUE. Overall this case has everything you could ever want in your PC build and more.


  • Good Airflow
  • Good build quality.
  • Many features and customization for this size of the case


  • Case is Very Small for an ATX case

Lian Li O11 Dynamic Tempered Glass Mid Tower

Staff Pick
Lian Li O11 Dynamic Tempered Glass Mid Tower
Lian Li O11 Dynamic Tempered Glass Mid Tower (Image credit: Amazon)
BrandLian Li
Hard Disk Form Factor2.5 Inches, 3.5 Inches
Cooling MethodAir
Fan Size140 Millimetres
Case Type ATX Mid Tower

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The Lian Li O11 Dynamic Tempered Glass Mid Tower PC Case is another fantastic case that comes with tempered glass and is great for showing off the internal components.

The exterior of this case has a beautiful design to it and there are two huge fans in the front of the case to cool down your computer. What makes the O11 Dynamic so unique is that it allows for customization.

There are several different designs you can choose from and comes with two fans built-in which you can attach up to three more fans on the side panel.

The chassis itself has room for multiple radiator sizes including 120, 240, 360, 480mm radiators if desired. There is also room for eight fans in total including three 120mm fans, two 140mm fans, and one 200mm fan.

The power supply can be placed at the bottom of the case which allows for better weight distribution when installing your motherboard.

Actually building in the case was great. The space was ample. Although the case was a bit messy on the back, it was neither the fault of the design nor the case. It was hard to tuck in all those cables when I had so many fans in there, but I managed. The back of my computer has plenty of room.

You’ll have plenty of space for cable management if you don’t opt for the nine fan build I have. I was able to fit two 3.5″ HDDs and two 2.5″ SSDs perfectly into the case. The front is beautifully finished in brushed aluminum, and the buttons are responsive and feel great.

Although it is mainly metal and glass, the case feels very solid. It keeps cables in place perfectly, and the rubber grommets didn’t slip out once.


  • Very premium case
  • Tons of room for liquid cooling 
  • Ton of space


  • No Case Fans

Thermaltake The Tower 900 Tempered Glass RGB

Budget Pick
Thermaltake The Tower 900 Tempered Glass RGB
Thermaltake The Tower 900 Tempered Glass RGB (Image credit: Amazon)
Manufacturer‎Thermaltake USA Direct
Item Height‎29.6 Inches
Item Width‎16.7 Inches

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The Thermaltake The Tower 900 RGB Full Tower PC Case is one of the most durable cases on this list and has an enormous amount of features.

Firstly, it’s much bigger than the other options which allow for maximum airflow within the case itself to cool down your system.

There are two included fans, but the case also has room for 10 total fans with four 120mm fans at the front of the case. The tower 900 RGB comes with a tempered glass panel on both sides of the case to show off your components.

There is also space for seven radiators including one 360mm radiator, three 480mm radiators, and three 120mm radiators. All in all, The Tower 900 RGB Full Tower PC Case is one of the best cases I’ve ever seen and perfect for your next build if you’re looking to go full beast mode on your PC.

Truthfully, there’s nothing wrong with the case and everything is pretty straightforward, I just didn’t think about how much of a problem the tampered glass would be, I need to spend some extra money on fans to have proper airflow for my build, and the hidden io actually looks really clean even though it’s a pain in the ass to buy extension cables.

It really should have come with extensions, but what can you do? But whatever extension you end up getting, at the very least they have to be 6 feet.


  • Very good and elegant
  • Great Cooling System
  • Supports Mini ITX, Micro ATX


  • No Issue Till Now

Antec Dapper Dark Phantom DP301M-

Antec Dapper Dark Phantom DP301M-
Antec Dapper Dark Phantom DP301M- (Image credit: Amazon)
Hard Disk Form Factor2.5 Inches, 3.5 Inches
Cooling MethodAir
Fan Size120 Millimetres
Item Weight4900 Grams

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This Antec Dapper Dark Phantom DP301M-W Mid-Tower PC Case is one of the most beautiful cases I’ve ever seen. It fits perfectly in an office setting, but would also fit right at home in a living room depending on what type of components you put inside.

The goal with this case was to make the exterior look like a sports car. With that, it has two huge fans on the side panel of the case to cool down your components inside.

It looks fantastic with LED lights built-in and there are several patterns you can choose from depending on what mood you’re in.

I think this is a decent case, certainly not premium quality but you can’t expect it at this price.

With plenty of room to build in, this micro ATX case is a nice and compact option. Due to my new graphics card, I had to move up from a mini ITX case to this one.

It is a plus that mini-ITX motherboards allow for a 120mm radiator to be topped mounted.

In order for the glass panel to rest on the rubber washers, there are four of them. I glued them to the chassis to prevent them from falling off since they are loosely pushed into posts and can fall off very easily.

The front RGB lights make it look smart. In general, I like it.

The Antec Dapper Dark Phantom DP301M-W also comes with a small 3-speed fan controller that is built into the case itself. It has enough room for up to five fans which allows for excellent airflow and cooling.

The front of the case also supports two radiators if you’re looking to get really crazy with your PC build.

There is also space on the top of the case for more fans if you decide to go with liquid cooling.


  • PSU shroud to keep things neat
  • plenty of space for fans with magnetic dust filters
  • nice tempered glass side panel
  • plenty of space on the backside for cable management


  • Screws are not included

Phanteks Enthoo Pro M Tempered Glass

(Image credit: Amazon)
Cooling MethodWater
Motherboard CompatibilityATX

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The Phanteks Enthoo Pro M Tempered Glass Mid-Tower PC Case is a fantastic case if you’re on the market for something sleek and stylish.

The exterior of this case has a beautiful design that would look perfect in an office or a living room depending on your preference. It’s very compact but can fit some pretty beast components inside of it if you’re willing to go all out.

There is also a lot of space for airflow and cooling in this case which allows for excellent overclocking performance.

In total there are 14 different fan locations built into the case. It can support up to six 120mm fans, four 140mm fans, and two 200mm fans on the front panel.

There are also many different customizations that you can do with this case including RGB lights.

The best part about this case is that it includes a fan controller built into the top of the case itself so you don’t need to worry about managing your fans.

There’s tons of room in the main area. No experience with custom water cooling loops but there’s plenty of room up front for your reservoir and fans.

Management of the cables is easy, but I’d like to be able to use more tweezers in some places. I appreciate Verge’s help. The PSU has plenty of room to stuff your excess cables.

You may want to get shorter custom cables though, as the HDD trays get a little crowded. The reason I did it with my SSDs was that it worked well for my SATA cables, and the power button for the lighting had a SATA cable as well as a single triple SATA cable.

It is so nice and easy to use the radiator sled up top.

The radiator is held in place by 6 screws. There are only four screws on the sled, two up front and two on the back, which keep it in place when the PC is moving.

In the back, I left off the 2 screws because I have a full rail to support the rad sled, and the screws are deep enough to provide enough grip to keep things in place.

You can push the rad closer to the glass panel if needed by using the offset slots on the sled for larger radiators and taller RAM sticks.

In my opinion, I can easily fit 3 fingers between my G.Skill Ripjaws memory and the back of my rad.

The front looks funny because of the optical drive slot and the dust issue. Those are the only things keeping it from getting five stars.

In addition, I dislike I/O devices being on top (especially on top) or on the sides, so I want them to be upfront, replacing the optical drive tray.


  • Great Slot For Ryzen Motherboard
  • Good GPU Arrangement


  • Dust Issue

MUSETEX Phantom 907

MUSETEX Phantom 907
MUSETEX Phantom 907 (Image credit: Amazon)
MaterialTempered Glass
Cooling MethodWater
Fan Size120 Millimeters
Motherboard CompatabilityExtended ATX

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The Musetex Phantom 907 GAMING BLACK EDITION Mid Tower Case is a very stylish case that’s currently on sale for about $20 which is very cheap considering the overall quality of this case. It comes with three fans out of the box which can support up to six overall.

This case has a sleek black design with aluminum front inlays which look impressive for this price point. Users have reported having fun painting the case with custom paint jobs to really make it look unique which is a plus.

The Musetex Phantom 907 GAMING BLACK EDITION also has excellent ventilation which will allow for maximum cooling within the case.

It comes with a fan controller to manage your fans and keep them running quietly. There is also an included fan hub to manage your fans if you don’t want to use the controller which makes it much easier to switch out fans.

Keynotes about the case:
– the motherboard mounting standoffs are pre-installed, extras are provided
– more than sufficient mounting hardware is provided
– wires are well labeled and the right length
– internal drive mounting is marginally tight, but not that big a deal
– several PCI slot options on the back panel to accommodate video, WiFi, etc.
– all the buttons and ports (On/Off, Reset, USB, headphone, microphone, etc.) work as expected


  • Future proof front panel and filtration system
  • Motherboard standoffs are preinstalled
  • Good Quality Tempered Glass


  • Not Designed to Mount an internal DVD/CD drive.
  • Weak thin side panel

darkFlash Phantom DR12

darkFlash Phantom DR12
darkFlash Phantom DR12 (Image credit: Amazon)

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The DarkFlash Phantom DR12-W Mid Tower PC Case comes with a tempered glass side panel so you can easily show off your components inside the case. This is a mid-tower case that isn’t that big but can fit some high-end gaming components if you’re looking to overclock and have a really fast PC build. There are two fans already built into this case with room for three more 120mm fans if needed for more airflow.

This DarkFlash Phantom DR12-W also comes with space for five radiators, including one 240mm radiator on the front of the case and one 360mm radiator on the back of the case. It has plenty of clearance within the case for routing cables and managing components without getting in the way of making it messy. It’s a very sleek case that offers good value for the price and should be consider if you’re looking to build an inexpensive custom PC.


  • Pleasing aesthetics with quality material
  •  Multi-cooling kit option 240mm + 360mm radiator
  •  Easy assembly for a complicated design structure


  •  Heavy-weight
  • No dust filters

BitFenix ENSO Gaming RGB PC Case

BitFenix ENSO Gaming RGB PC Case
BitFenix ENSO Gaming RGB PC Case (Image credit: Amazon)
MaterialTempered Glass
Hard Disk Form Factor2.5 Inches, 3.5 Inches
Cooling MethodAir
Motherboard CompatabilityATX

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BitFenix is a brand known for its high quality and sleek design cases and the Bitfenix ENSO Gaming RGB PC Case is no exception.

This case has a sleek black look that will blend well with a most living room or office setups due to its low profile. The front of the case includes aluminum inlays with two tempered glass side panels which are perfect if you want to show off your build.

This case can handle pretty much any type of hardware you throw at it unless you’re trying to stuff a massive water cooling system in this case. It’s got room for up to four 120mm fans or three 140mm fans on the top and front depending on your specific preference.

It also comes with an RGB controller built into the top of the case that makes it super easy to change up the colors of your RGB fans without having to go through complicated software or deal with buying additional controllers for your fans.

This case is nice for the money. Fairly easy to work in. It looks great with all the RGB lights in it! The metal mesh front is a nice bonus for airflow.

I love the fact it comes with RGB lights pre-installed on the front and one RGB fan. There are a few drawbacks but nothing that can’t be worked with.

The thumbscrews on the back panel were tightened down very tight. A screwdriver was needed to get them off the first time.

They will fall out once loosened, unlike some cases where they hang on. But at least the option for a screwdriver is there to remove them.

Overall, I like the case, my components are staying cool. If anything the case could be a little bigger to allow room for flexibility for PSU cables in the bottom and to have the option for a top mount AIO.

Cable management was easy too. A little tight but manageable. Also 2 USB 3.0 ports on the top of the case with front end mic and audio ports.

Good value for the money, yet for the cost of the unit I would like to see the suggested improvements included.


  • Value For Money


  • lack of room for cable management

InWin A1 Plus Case

InWin A1 Plus Case
InWin A1 Plus Case (Image credit: Amazon)

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The InWin A1 Plus Case is a great looking case on the outside with sleek tempered glass side panels that give it a high-end look and feel. In addition to its aesthetics, it can fit many different components as well as some water cooling components due to its support of up to 240mm radiators in the front or top of the case.

When buying this awesome case you have to take multiple things into consideration, firstly your not just buying the case your infant buying a quality PSU that is built-in.

Superb ITX tower with excellent finishes. It is very complicated to make clean wiring but not impossible. I would have liked it to be provided with a Y for the PWM of the fans. The fans are bright but sober, exactly as it should be. There is a place for 2 fans below but there is so little space that they make noise and suffocate.

The InWin A1 can fit up to three 120mm fans or two 140mm fans which are included in the box with room for another two 120mm fans if needed. It comes with a fan controller built into the case which is extremely helpful for keeping your components cool without making them loud.

This case only goes on sale about once or twice a year for $170 which is a great deal considering it comes with tempered glass panels and can support some water cooling if you’re looking to do so!


  • Case was beautiful
  • Good Storage!
  • Very high-quality workmanship
  • RGB fan and underbody lighting


  • Normal ITX dimensions
  • Only 2 fans on the underbody

Corsair Obsidian Series 1000D

Corsair Obsidian Series 1000D
Corsair Obsidian Series 1000D (Image credit: Amazon)
MaterialTempered Glass, Aluminium
Cooling MethodWater
Motherboard CompatibilityATX

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The Corsair Obsidian Series 1000D PC Case has plenty of space for water cooling components with support for up to 4x radiators. This case is best suited for enthusiasts looking to build a high-end gaming rig or content creation machine.

I’ve had my eye on this case for a while and it didn’t disappoint I have to say, some excellent cable management features and it obviously allows for plenty of space whilst assembling, the only downside I would say is if you plan to use a all in one cooling solution as I found I could also use a single radiator one and still reach the CPU (this is arguably the fault of the cooler too).

Aside from that the case is a total show stopper, but it’s worth bearing in mind by the time you’ve built your rig it will weigh around 40-50kg, so probably best to get a hand with it although it is possible to lift on your own.

The compartments for HDD’s is also a great feature and there’s room for a lot of disk space, there’s also special SSD mounts (although I couldn’t figure out how to mount mine and ended up using one of the regular spots lol)

There’s even room for a second system in this case and it also has a separate power button and PSU compartment to that end.

Overall Extremely Pleased with the case and even though my new system is likely to last a long time I can see me keeping it even longer.

This case comes with three included fans, but users have reported not needing any additional fans if they do water cooling. It supports up to nine 120mm fans and six 140mm fans with the included fan controller built into the top of the case.

The Corsair Obsidian Series 1000D PC Case also has room for two 5.25″ bays and eight 3.5″ hard drive bays which is more than enough storage space if you’re looking for a large gaming PC build.

There are plenty of RGB fans available for this case but they are not included in the box. However, you can adjust the colors of your fan on the top of the case with ease to match your preference which is really nice if you’re looking to build a matching system or components that all go together well.


  • Fantastic PC Case
  • Great Build Quality
  • GPU mounting and customizable water loop space


  • Little More Weight


When you build a gaming rig or content creation PC, you should make your chassis selection last. You’ll save time by making your selection last As one of the best RGB PC cases, the Corsair Obsidian Series 1000D is a great choice for streamers; it has all the features you need for a reliable gaming PC that can stream smoothly without lags or glitches.

If you want aIt is the best choice to get an InWin A1 Plus if you are looking for a portable while you might find it difficult to choose an RGB case for your computer, a smart purchase will allow you to own a chassis that’s compatible with the future and save you money in the long run.

We hope you enjoyed reading our article on the best RGB PC cases that are currently available for sale. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave a note in the comment section below. If you’re looking for more information on PC components, be sure to check our website for more articles on the latest PC hardware components!

Frequently Asked Questions

What PC case should I get 2021?

All of the cases listed above are great for gaming and water cooling builds so any one of them will provide you with a satisfying build experience. The Bitfenix ENSO Gaming RGB PC Case is the best option if you’re looking for a case that’s not too expensive but can still hold great components while the InWin A1 Plus Case is great if you’re looking for a case that has tempered glass panels and can support some water cooling.

What is the most used PC case?

If you’re looking for a simple, easy-to-use PC case that’s going to get the job done the Phanteks Enthoo Pro M is a great fit. This case has been used in tons of custom PC builds due to its ease of use and minimalist design that doesn’t have any flashes of color or bulky parts. This case is best suited for the user who’s looking to build a custom PC that’s simple and easy to use.

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