A Desktop Replacement Gaming Laptop: 2 Considerations

Video games are one of the most popular pastimes these days. The increase in gamer numbers exploded a lot during the pandemic, but there is no denying that gaming has been a huge part of the modern world for many years now.

If you are an avid gamer yourself, you should be aware of how important it is to have a good gaming platform.

It is common to use gaming consoles like Xbox or PlayStation. At the same time, computers, particularly custom-built desktop computers, are a popular choice as well, not to mention laptops.

However, between laptops and desktop computers, which is a superior option? Would it make sense to look for a desktop replacement gaming laptops could offer or vice-versa? Let’s try to answer the question in this article.


Overall, there are certain things that make desktop computers and laptops pretty similar, and those things are pretty obvious.

An operating system is a big part of a computer, and for gaming, you will almost always go for MS Windows.

MacBooks are an interesting shout, considering how much effort Apple has been putting into improving their computer hardware. Nevertheless, macOS is not that optimal for video games, and the hardware is still behind.

There might also be some instances of overall sluggishness. A Mac slow after update is fairly common despite the fact that updates are supposed to improve the overall performance.

That is not to say that other operating systems are flawless. No, various technical issues happen, especially when we are talking about older computer models.

Besides the OS, another similarity is the hardware. Since laptops have integrated hardware, they are more expensive. At least, if you were to compare how much it would cost to build a custom desktop computer and purchase a laptop, provided that both have identical or nearly identical hardware.

Of course, if we are talking particularly about gaming, then gamers will look for gaming laptops that are manufactured with high-end video games in mind. Unfortunately, gaming laptops are known to be quite expensive, and it is difficult to justify the price when there are cheaper options that offer the same.


While the similarities are pretty clear, it is much more important to distinguish notable differences if you are on the fence about your next gaming machine choice.

As already mentioned, the price is one important factor, and your budget ultimately decides what hardware you can afford. Obviously, the more money you have, the better computer you can expect to purchase. And the better the computer, the fewer performance issues, particularly when playing high-end video games on ultra settings.

Another obvious difference between laptops and desktops is the portability factor. As a gamer, you might not be too fussed about it. Setting up your gaming station usually means that the main thing of the setup—a computer—will be static. 

Laptops are portable, but unless you are going to travel and pick the computer with you, then it does not sound like an optimal choice.

Less room might be often overlooked. If you plan to build a desktop computer, you will need to find a spacious place to have your desk. The case is just one part of the setup. A computer keyboard and a mouse, in addition to a monitor, will take much more space than a monolith laptop would, right?

Speaking of keyboards and computer mice, laptops have an integrated keyboard and a trackpad that replaces the third-party peripherals you would have on a desktop computer.

However, you cannot really expect to play video games with a trackpad. Not to mention that an integrated laptop keyboard is not that great on your fingers when you need to press it a lot and fast.

So, in the case of third-party peripherals, also known as computer accessories, there is no clear winner because you would need to get accessories for both a laptop and a custom desktop. The former comes with a screen, but the size of it often fails to meet the expectations of someone who is used to a large monitor.

Finally, there is the question of maintenance and upgrading. As previously stated, laptops come with integrated hardware, which is a problem if you plan to upgrade it in the future.

Custom-built PCs, meanwhile, are pretty flexible as you can remove one part and add another so long as the new addition is compatible with the rest of the setup.

Maintenance is not that different. Perhaps one thing that stands out is how easier it is to clean the dust from a desktop computer because you have an easier time opening a PC case than taking apart a laptop to clean it thoroughly.


There are clear advantages for both options, but if one had to pick a side, custom-built desktops seem to be the better choice. For the price you pay, you can get a better option in a desktop computer even if it might take up more space in your room.

Stephen Smith
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